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Accept or decline the invitation to the Team Control Panel

Receive an invitation to access your Team’s Control Panel. Accept it or decline it.

If you are the one getting the invitation from your Team to get access to the Team’s Control Panel, you will be notified by Email.

To be able to get the access, you should have a user Account at Eagle 3D Streaming.

Follow the steps below to accept the invitation and get access or decline it and remove the access.


Before starting the first step, make sure you have:

  1. Access to the Control Panel.

  2. At least one uploaded application in the Control Panel.


Section 1. Get invited to your Team’s Control Panel

1. Once the Invite procedure is completed by your Team, an Email from Eagle 3D Streaming will be issued to you

If you are not yet registered with Eagle 3D Streaming, refer to this document to create a new Account to be able to access your Team’s Control Panel.

Image 1. Receive an Email from E3DS as a Notification

2. Access your Team’s Control Panel from the dropdown menu.

  • Go to your Control Panel.

  • Select the username set by your Team from the drop down menu to open the Team’s Control Panel.

Image 2. Select the username set by your Team from the drop down Menu

Section 2. Decline the invitation

1. Click Decline invitation on the Email you have received

This will cancel the access to the Team’s Control Panel.

Image 3. E3DS mail : Decline Invitation

2. Get the validation message on your Browser

Once you click decline Invitation, this message will appear on your Browser.

Image 4. Invitation declined from Email

3. Check your Control Panel to make sure the access got removed

Once the access is removed, you will not see your Team’s username on the drop down Menu anymore.

Image 5 . Team' s Control Panel removed from the Drop Down Menu

Now you are ready to get an invitation from another Team member to their Control Panel or decline it!

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