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Auto Assign Dedicated server feature Manual in E3DS Feature Template

This feature is supposed to do the following:

  1. Check for all the available dedicated servers available and connect you to the dedicated server with the least number of slots available. For Example,
    There are three dedicated servers available each with 4 max player limits. One DS server has two players in it. the other one has only one player in it. The last one has no players in it. According to our algorithm, The AutoConnect button will connect you to the server with least number of slots available (i.e. the server with two players).

  2. If there is no DS available, it will send a request to create a new server and join that server.

  3. If the already created servers are already full, it will make a new Dedicated server and connect you to it.

How to test it:

  1. Open feature template project.

  2. Go to booth no.1(Multiplayer).

  3. Click on Server List button.

  4. Now Click on the Auto Assign button.

  5. It will start a new server or connect to the one available.

    Here is a video on how to do test this feature:

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