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Cloud VM Hardware Specifications

Information on Cloud VM type and Hardware that we can offer upon hosting events.

Note :

If you are hosting an event with us, you should share an App URL to verify the Hardware specifications needed to stream your App.

We can then verify if the Hardware you are asking for is what’s needed for your App to stream during the event or we would recommend what could be better.

Customer Hardware Requirements

You should provide us with :

  1. What Cloud Provider you would like to use.

  2. What GPU will your App need

  3. VRAM

  4. CPU

  5. Memory

We can offer up to 5 Cloud Service providers with different VM types and Hardware specs. They are listed below with more details.

Cloud Service Providers we offer

1. AWS

We offer g4dn and g5 type instances where g4dn has Nvidia T4 GPU and g5 has Nvidia A10 GPU.


Image 1. AWS : g4dn type instances with NVIDIA T4 GPU


Image 2. AWS : g5 instances with NVIDIA A10 GPU

2. GCP

We offer n1-standard VMs which has Nvidia T4 GPU. (See image below)


Image 3. GCP : n1-standard VMs with NVIDIA T4 GPU

3. Azure

In Azure, We offer and support the below VM series :

  1. Standard_NCasT4_v3 series VMs with Nvidia T4 GPU.


Image 4. Azure : Standard_NC4as_T4_v3 series with NVIDIA T4 GPU

  1. Standard_NVadsA10 v5-series with Nvidia A10 GPU.


Image 5. Azure : NVads_A10_v5 series with NVIDIA A10 GPU

  1. Standard_NC_v3-series with Nvidia Tesla V100.


Image 6. Azure : Standard_NC_v3 series with NVIDIA Tesla V100

4. Coreweave

We offer these GPU types :

  1. NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000.

  2. NVIDIA RTX 5000.

  3. NVIDIA RTX A6000.

  4. NVIDIA A10.

Note : The Vcore and memory are adjustable.

5. Oracle

To be filled soon.

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