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Customize Background, Logo, Loading & Queue Screen, and Play Buttons

This document is a tutorial on how to customize the background, Logo, Loading and Queue screen and Play Buttons from the Control Panel with 2D assets.


Before starting the first step, make sure you have:


Once you have created your config then you can edit it to customize almost all visual elements of each screen.

Image 1. Created your config: Elements of each screen.

First, upload your 2d assets by clicking the button marked in this pic:

Image 2. Created your config: Upload your 2d assets

It will open a new tab where you will be able to select your 2D assets and then upload it by pressing the save button.

Image 3. Created your config: Config page

Then in Config page press button marked by 1 (Refresh Assets 2D List)

Image 4. Created your config: Thumbnail list

Your uploaded image will show up in the thumbnail list marked by 1 (Refresh Assets 2D List)

Select the image and then assign any of these fields marked in this pic:

Image 5. Created your config: Select the image

The reset button will put back default images.

Once you have finished assigning customized images you need to save the config by pressing the button marked in this pic:

Image 6. Created your config: Finished assigning customized images

Now start your stream using the config which you just customized in the above process and you will see the changes reflected in Streaming Screens.

Image 7. Created your config: Start your stream using the config

Customizing Your Background, Logo, Loading, and Play Buttons.


Through the Eagle 3D Streaming Platform, you are able to customize your background, logo, loading, and play buttons for a white-label experience!  Customizations can be completed at the app level meaning that you can have one set of customizations for App A with a totally different customizations for App B.  This allows customization per client and per app.


Please follow these steps when uploading images for projects:

-must select correct app before uploading.  Logo selection is specific to app selected;

-larger files (>1mb) can take a few minutes to load;

-must be a .png unless it’s loading image, then it can be a .gif;

-LOGO size should be 800×400 pixels or less;

-LOADING gif should be 600×200 pixels or less.

Image 8. Follow these steps: uploading images for projects

-PLAY button should be 400×400 pixels or less

Image 9. Follow these steps: uploading images for projects

-BACKGROUND image should be a 128×128 square of solid color

In order to play a video while loading your app, check out this document.

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