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Guidelines for a minimized Load time

Strategies to help reduce the Load time of an App while streaming at Eagle 3D Streaming.

1. Network Optimization

Optimize the network connection to ensure that data is streamed efficiently.

2. Optimize Code

Optimize your game's code to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks. Use asynchronous loading techniques to load assets in the background while the game is running.

3. Reduce Initial Map Size

Start with a smaller map or scene and then load additional maps or levels as needed.

4. Streaming Levels

Use Unreal Engine's Level Streaming to load only the necessary parts of the game world as needed, reducing initial load times. Utilize sub-levels to divide your world into smaller, manageable pieces.

5. Optimize Assets

5.1.Reduce the size of your assets

By compressing textures, using efficient file formats, and reducing unnecessary details:

Implement level-of-detail (LOD) systems for 3D models to load lower-resolution versions of assets when they're distant from the player's viewpoint.

(Check the Unreal engine documentation by Epic games )

5.2. Remove unused assets from your project to reduce the overall size

Check this documentation

6. Reduce the package size

Keep the zip file size below 25 GB, ideally 5 GB or less to have a load time in the range of 10-20 seconds at Eagle 3D.

Check the UE documentation by Epic games.

7. Check the Run State

Ensure that your app runs from a clean state on every launch, and does not require configurations or other data to be written to the local file system.

Different users will be accessing the game on a separate instance.

To ensure that each user has the same experience, it is necessary that the game does not make any changes on the local file system.

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