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Eagle 3D's guidelines on the Firewall restrictions

This document outlines the firewall restrictions that could block the access to Eagle 3D’s platform and Applications.

1. Firewall blocking access to Eagle’s Platform

Some networks, like corporate or public Wi-Fi networks, could have strict firewall rules that prevent pixel-streaming connections. This can block the users' access to their Applications.

Firewalls would block specific ports or protocols required for streaming, preventing the Application from establishing a connection to Eagle’s website.

This is an example of a firewall restriction issued by Cisco Umbrella firewall.

Image 1. Example of a firewall blocking access Page 1

Image 2. Firewall blocking access Page 2

Incorrectly configured port forwarding or network settings on the server can hinder proper communication with the client.

Proxy servers or VPNs can interfere with the Pixel Streaming connection and may cause access issues.

2. Remediation

1. Contact Your IT Department or Network Administrator

The first step should be to reach out to your IT department or network administrator. They can provide you with information about why the application is blocked and if there are any reasons for the restriction.

2. Request Whitelisting

You can request that the application's URL or IP address be whitelisted in the firewall rules, allowing it to pass through. Your IT department can handle this request.

Consult your IT department or network administrator for guidance and support to whitelist the network and ensure that the necessary ports are open and firewall rules do not block pixel streaming connections. Consider providing alternative access options, such as HTTP fallback, for restrictive networks.

3. Determine the Type of Block

Firewalls can block access to applications for various reasons, such as security, content filtering, or bandwidth management. Knowing why the application is blocked can help address the issue effectively.

4. Use a VPN

If the application is blocked due to network policies or geographical restrictions, using a VPN may help you bypass the restrictions.

Always prioritize security when addressing firewall restrictions. Your IT department or network administrator should be your first point of contact for resolving these issues, as they have the necessary knowledge and authority to manage the network and security policies effectively.

VPN could be a solution to bypass firewall issues, but it could cause a huge lag and quality issues while Pixel Streaming applications.

You are now ready to track your Streaming Time from your Control Panel!

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