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Enable VOIP

Learn to use VOIP.

Real-time communication between users while streaming. (using broadband internet connection)


Make sure to :

  1. Have access to the Control Panel.

  2. Have an Eagle 3D’s User Account.

Note : To use VOIP via iframe you have to add users microphone access permission to iframe :

<iframe allow="camera;microphone" style="visibility: hidden;" id="iframe_1"


Step 1. Go to Streaming UI

Go to : Control Panel > Applications > Select your App > Edit Config >Advanced Options > Streaming UI.

If you need information on how to generate a Streaming Link, check this document.

If you need to Create a New Config, follow this document.

Step 2. Enable VOIP

image-20240307-091847 (1).png

Image 1. Enable VOIP

Step 3. Enter a room name in the text field and click Save

Note : Entering a room name keeps your channel safe from intruders.

image-20240307-100122 (1).png

Image 2. Enter a VOIP room name

Warning ❌ 🚫

IF you don’t enter a room name, then VOIP will be disabled.


Image 3. No room name entered : VOIP disabled

Step 4. Run the game to check the feature

1. Go to :

Control Panel > Applications > Select your App > Streaming Link > Play App.

Refer to this document if you need to create a New Streaming Link and this document if you need to Upload a new App.

2. The VOIP setting icon is displayed in the Starting App Page


Image 4. VOIP setting icon

3. Permission to use your Microphone

Eagle 3D Front end will ask for permission to access the Microphone.

image-20240307-142841 (1).png

Image 5. Permission to use the microphone

4. Room joined successfully

Once you allow the Microphone access, you successfully join the room.

image-20240307-130449 (1).png

Image 6. Successfully joined room

5. Click the phone icon 📱 to start the conference call


Image 7. Click the phone icon

6. Check the Participants that are present in the call

image-20240307-131802 (1).png

Image 8. Click All Participants icon

7. Click on the Mic icon 🎙️ to enable it


Image 9. Click the mic icon

8. Click on the speaker icon 🔊 to enable it


Image 10. Click the speaker icon

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