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Handling Video Quality of the App Inside Iframe

Learn to set Video Quality of your App from inside the iFrame.

The video quality in Mobile is lower using the Dynamic Resolution because mobile devices have smaller displays than computers. In this document, we present 2 ways to fix that.


Access the Control Panel from here.

To create a New Config from the Control Panel, check this document.


In the Video Tab, there are 2 types of Resolution : (See image below)

  1. Dynamic

  2. Custom

(Refer to this document to get more details about the Dynamic/ Custom Resolution Features from the Old Control Panel).


Image 1. Step 2 : Select a Config : Video : Resolution

The Dynamic resolution helps you set the App resolution dynamically.

This means it will automatically adjust the App's resolution according to the height and width of the iframe element.

This helps the App adjust to various display sizes for different devices.

Example 1 : Laptop screen


Image 2. App resolution adjusted to Laptop screen

Example 2 : Mobile screen


Image 3. App resolution adjusted to Mobile screen

While useful, the Dynamic resolution has a drawback regarding the quality of the video in mobile devices.

This happens because the Dynamic resolution takes the height and width of the webpage and sets the resolution of the video accordingly.

Since mobile devices have smaller displays than computers, the resolution of the video will be too low and thus the video quality will be lower.

There are 2 ways to fix this :

  1. Select the Custom resolution from the Control Panel and set high enough values so that the video quality is always the same.


Image 4. Select Custom resolution : Set high resolution values

  1. Set the resolution of your choice from the Front End with the following code :

let obj = {
			cmd: "freezeResolutionAt",
			x: 1920,
			y: 1080
	document.getElementById("iframe_1").contentWindow.postMessage(JSON.stringify(obj), "*");

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