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Latest News and Updates - 2024

Track our Latest updates and Announcements in Eagle 3D Streaming.

For Any Concerns, Issues or Questions, Contact Support.

Withholding all purchases of the Pay Per License plan (Temporarily) (June 6th, 2024)

We are withholding all purchases of the PPL Licenses for now for some internal reasons.

Find more details on the Pay Per License plan in this document.

This plan will be available again very soon. Stay tuned !

EU Control Panel Removal - ( June 6th, 2024)

We are opening our EU Datacenter and merging the EU servers with the Production servers in the US.

If you are using our EU Control panel to stream from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or the UK, you should stop using that Control Panel and use the Production Control Panel instead.

(i.e. Production Control Panel :

You would still stream from our EU servers by using the Production Control Panel while streaming from one of the locations mentioned above.

It is still possible to access the EU Control Panel but it is preferable not to use it anymore.

Dark Theme By Default - (June 9th, 2024)

⚠️ The Loading page has the Dark Theme by default now starting from June 9th 2024.

Find more information on Streaming UI Themes in this document.

Please check your Logos and 2D Assets as they might not show up anymore in the Dark Theme and adjust your Loading screen to this new UI change.

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