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Move to Feature Booth from Config in E3DS Feature Template

Are you tired of walking to your destination booth in the feature template all the time? This document will give you a shortcut on how you can easily spawn at any booth right from the beginning. Here’s a demo link to try:

Config Command:
Open your config and pass the following command in the parameters:
-boothno=[Number of booth to go to]

For example -boothno=12

Please note that the number of booths can vary from the ones in videos.

You can also use the streaming URL to go the desired feature booth. It can be done by adding
“?exeLunchArgs=-boothno=[Number of booth you want to go to]” in the streaming URL.
For example,

It will automatically take you to the booth you want to go to. Here’s a little cheat sheet for all the booths in E3DS Features Template:

  1. Multiplayer

  2. Open URL

  3. Open Mail App

  4. Open Call App

  5. Open Keyboard on Mobile devices

  6. Toggle browser mouse cursor.

  7. Increase Pixel Stream Session Time

  8. Show User Info

  9. Show User Device Info

  10. Video Player

  11. Audio Player

  12. Command Line Parameters

  13. Screenshot

  14. Copy Paste

  15. Chat GPT

  16. Redirect to URL

  17. In App Purchases

  18. End Session

  19. End Session and Close Tab

  20. Open Another Tab

  21. Change Browser Mouse

  22. YouTube Video Player

  23. Full Screen

  24. On Screen Keyboard

  25. Set Resolution

  26. Download URL

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