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Override configuration settings via URL

Override mouse visibility in the browser :

Image 1. Control Panel: Show Browser Mouse

Override Cmd line parameters to pass to Unreal app :

Add dynamic Launch parameters to your project by adding “?exeLunchArgs=” after the URL and then the parameter you want, ex -Project=TestProject

Image 2. Control Panel: Parameters To Pass to App

Notice the space in between these two variables:  "-id=4 -var2=666"

If you paste this URL into the browser then the browser will transform all spaces into %20 . So the final URL will become like this:

Both versions are valid.

From the browser console, You can check if the app got these new parameters or not:

Image 3. Control Panel: Browser console

To be able to see the unreal app's console you have to see an unreal build that was not packaged in shipping mode. and you have to enable this setting “ Print UE4 Log in Browser console “:

Image 4. Control Panel: Print UE4 Log in Browser console

These final URLs also work in iframe.

In case you don't want to override but merge more values from the URL then enable “Should append parameters from URL with existing one to override?“ in your config

Image 5. Control Panel: Should append parameters from URL with existing one to override

If that is enabled then the system will merge the new values with the existing ones that already have been set in the config.

We will expose many other parameters that will allow you to override most of the settings in the config at runtime.

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