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Set Custom Resolution from blueprints of Unreal App


You can change your Unreal App resolution from your pixel streaming application. Open the link above and step into the booth. In the UI, type the resolution you want to use.


Now press the Change button and you will notice that your application’s custom resolution has been changed.


Blueprint code:

To make this work in your own project, you need to send the following pixel streaming response:

  "cmd": "freezeResolutionAt",
  "x": (YourValue),
  "y": (YourValue)

YourValue have to be a interger value

You can make this JSON object using VaRest Plugin or You can manually type it.


Now you will have a JSON to send as a Pixel Streaming Response.

If you want to learn more about Custom resolutions, please check out this document:
Dynamic/Custom Resolutions

Set Custom Resolution from Webpage with Iframe:

If you want to set a custom resolution from your webpage, go to the following document.

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