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Stream from EU servers OR from your own machines

2 solutions for customers who are having Latency issues that they can choose from.

If you are experiencing Latency while streaming from our US machines, then here are 2 options that we can offer ( you can choose one of them) :

  1. Buy a License for the PPL plan and stream from your own Hardware.

  2. Stream from our EU servers.

1. Stream from your own Hardware

This is the Pay Per License plan. More details here.

  1. You need to contact support for this plan.

  2. One License is at 50$/CCU/month.

  3. Collect the binary Control Panel + the License + the PDF document tutorial from the support Team.

  4. Install the License (which is a zip file we send to your email) on your Computer.

  5. 1 License is for 1 CCU ( i.e. only one Tab could be opened to stream).

  6. For more Licenses, request it from Support team.

  7. Need to have a powerful machine with GPU to Pixel Stream (all GPUs are supported but some Apps won’t stream from RTX 2070).

  8. App will be stored in C: (i.e. you need to have enough disk space)

2. Stream from our EU servers (In Beta)

We share the EU Control Panel with customers located in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or the UK who are having Latency issues.

Keep in mind that we are still expanding so the EU servers have some limitations for now.

  1. You need to be located in EU, Asia, Africa, Australia or the UK with Latency issues.

  2. You need to have a paid Account to stream from the EU servers.

  3. We charge 100$/CCU/month (you can also have a Pay Per minute plan on request).

  4. 10$/10 GB for the storage.

  5. We can offer up to 5 CCUs ONLY for now.

  6. You can ONLY use the Old Control Panel to stream from EU servers.

  7. The Setup is still not fully complete so the Load time is subject to multiple “Acquiring / Preparing App” phases.

  8. Still no “Storage space” yet but we are working on it.

  9. The EU servers use NVIDIA RTX 4080 machines.

  10. Need to contact support to get the EU Control Panel.

To get more details on the Load time of an App, or on the “Acquiring/Preparing/Starting App” phase, refer to this document.

To upgrade to a paid account, follow this document.

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