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Useful Events in Iframe Solution

Here’s a list of useful events that can be found inside demo.js file inside js folder the E3DS-Iframe-Demo repository. These events can be used to implement different kinds for features in your website.

ResponseFromUE4: Occurs when a response from Unreal Engine is received.
stage1_inqueued: Occurs when the app enters a queue.
stage2_deQueued: Occurs when the app is removed from a queue.

stage3_slotOccupied: Occurs when the app occupies a slot.
stage4_playBtnShowedUp: Occurs when the play button shows up.

stage5_playBtnPressed: Occurs when the play button is pressed.

QueueNumberUpdated: Occurs when queue number is updated. contains updated queue number inside

stage3_1_AppAcquiringProgress: Provides the app acquiring progress percentage. Percentage can be found inside

stage3_2_AppPreparationProgress: Provides the app preparation progress percentage. Percentage can be found inside

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