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3D Video Assets

Learn to Customize the Loading screen of your App with a Video.

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Make sure to :

  1. Have access to the Control Panel.

  2. Have an Eagle 3D’s User Account.


Step 1. Sign In to your Control Panel

Login with your information.

Step 2. Select your App

image-20240228-132332 (1).png

Image 1. Select your App

See : Generate a Streaming Link for your App.

Step 4. Create a Config

See : Create a Config for each Streaming Link.

Step 5. Upload a Video

1. Go to :

Edit Config > Advanced Options > Loading Screen > Video

2. Click Add New Video

image-20240325-155232 (1).png

Image 2. Click Add New Video

3. Click Upload Videos

image-20240325-155448 (1).png

Image 3. Click Upload Videos

4. Click ‘'Browse’' (MP4 videos only)

Select the Video from your Asset Folder in your Computer. You can also Drag and Drop it.

Tip : You can use this online tool to convert any YouTube Video to MP4 and download it on your computer.

5. Click Upload

image-20240327-135135 (1).png

Image 4. Click Upload

6. Select the Video. Click ‘'Add Selection’'

image-20240327-135321 (1).png

Image 5. Select the Video. Click Add Selection

7. The Video is displayed

image-20240327-134428 (1).png

Image 6. The Video is displayed

8. Click Save

Tip : You can also add a Video URL instead of a Browsing and opening the Video from your computer. (See Step 10. Add a Video URL).

Step 6. Add a Video URL (optional)

Note : It has to be a blob URL. Check this article to know more details about blob URLs.

1. Click ‘'Add URL’'

2. Paste the blob URL in the text Field

If you Paste and Add any Video URL (i.e. not a blob URL) you won’t see the Video playing in the Loading screen of your App.

image-20240327-121311 (1).png

Image 7. Paste the blob Video in the text Field

3. Click ‘'Add’'

4. Click Save

Step 7. Add other Videos to the List

Re-do the steps to upload new videos.

Step 8. Shuffle the Videos

This will choose a random Video from the List of Video Assets every time the App streams.

1. Enable ‘'Shuffle Videos’'

Streaming Link > Edit Config > Advanced Options > Loading screen > Video > Shuffle Videos.

2. Click Save

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