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Enable Logs in a Shipping Build

Learn how to enable Logs in a Shipping Build.

There is no possible solution to see Logs in a Shipping Build if it is already packaged.

However, there is something that could be done to generate Logs for the Shipping Build :

Modify Unreal Engine’s source code :

  1. You can't Use Epic’s standard Engine, you need to get open source-built engine from GitHub.

  1. When you get source engine, fix the Unreal Engine source file


Image 1. Source Engine file

  1. now switch engine version of your game project and regenerate SLN File.

  1. add use logging code to your project Target cs file


Image 2. use Logging code added to Target cs file

  1. now Package again.

  1. you can get the Log file from the desktop location, not a build file location.


Image 3. Log file from the desktop Location

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