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Expand/Collapse the Quality Control menu

Critical information related to streaming performance.  

Follow these instructions :

1. Go to :

Control Panel > Step 2 : Select a Config > Edit > UI > show Pixel Streaming Quality Control

Image 1. Click Show Pixel Streaming Quality Control

2. Generate your App URL

An HTML dialog box (in the top right corner) is displayed during runtime.  

The Control Kit is equipped with a network diagnostic tool to determine the network quality of your connection. 

It is an icon in the top left of Quality Control Kit panel.

The icon toggles between 3 colors based on network conditions :

  1. Green = Good network conditions

  2. Yellow = Spotty network conditions

  3. Red = Poor network conditions

The Kit also displays Latency, Frame rate, and Resolution!

Image 2. Quality Control Kit Displayed during runtime

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