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Step 4 : Generate meeting URLs from the Control Panel

Host a meeting with Guests from the Old Control Panel.

Warning 1 🚫 ❌

There appears to be an unidentified bug (only in Unreal Engine 5.2), potentially within the Unreal Engine's pixel streaming plugin or the Unreal Engine packaging process.

This bug is preventing other customers from successfully joining meetings. Only the first visitor (usually the host) can effectively participate in the meeting.

We are actively working to identify and implement a solution for this issue.
Once resolved, we will submit the fix to Epic Games for inclusion in Unreal Engine.

While this bug persists, we are designating the meeting system for UE 5.2 as an experimental beta version. This means we cannot guarantee its consistent functioning.

From the link below, you can download a project source code which appears to always be working with UE 4.27

A workaround ✅

This is a workaround that a customer came up with, to get his meeting system to work (using UE 5.2) and get the guests to connect with him as a Host:

you need to join as a Guest exactly when the Host is loading their instance. After it is fully loaded for the host, no guest can enter.

To put it in the steps, you need to:

  1. Share the guest's link with anyone who wants to join. It will tell them that the session has not been started by the host but it's okay.

  2. You need to open the host's link and wait until it will go through the queue.

  3. The moment it shows the loading bar for the Host, every Guest should refresh the link and join the session simultaneously.

If there's anyone who was late to reload the page and the host's application has already started, there's no way to join after that.

The meeting system is functional for the UE 5.3 version.

Warning 2 🚫 ❌

App versioning in the meeting links is not supported by our system for UE 4.27 and all UE5.x

If you choose a specific version of your application, for example v6 and you generate a meeting URL from your Control Panel, you would see ‘'app version = 6’' in your Host and Guest meeting links.

In that case, the meeting session would not start, (the Host would not see a list of the guests) and the guests would not be able to join the meeting either.

The guests would get this message: ‘'No meeting found with that Guest meeting ID hosted by ‘'Username’'. Either meeting ended or not hosted yet. Retrying in x seconds.’'


1. Click ‘'Generate Meeting URL’'

In the fields below you will see 2 links, the first link is for the user, the second one is for the invited guest.


Image 1. GENERATE MEETINGS URLS: link generation

2. Click Copy Application URL

Copy the link to your clipboard

Copy App URL (1).png


3. Click Copy iFrameScript

Copy the code to the clipboard for pasting on your website or blog

Copy IframeScript (1).png

Image 3. GENERATE MEETINGS URLS: Copy IframeScript

4. Click ''Host Meeting'' to start the meeting as a Host

Host meeting (1).png

Image 4. GENERATE MEETINGS URLS: Host meeting

5. Click the Join Meeting button to join the meeting as a Guest.

A Guest can join a meeting only after the Host has started it.

Join Meeting (1).png


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