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Hardware and Software Specifications

This document outlines the Hardware and Software specifications of Eagle’s streaming servers. Our streaming servers are located in the central region of southern US mainland in Texas (we also have the option to use public servers GCP; Azure; AWS etc ..)

If you need custom servers, please contact us at


These are Unreal Engine specifications Eagle recommends to ensure your application performs appropriately in the cloud:

Resource Specifications

Eagle 3D Streaming Hardware for Streaming Unreal Engine Applications:

  • 32GB RAM

  • 8GB/ 16 GB GPU RAM

  • i7/R7 Processor

  • RTX 3070/4080 GPU

Preferred Maximum Resource Allocations for Unreal Engine Application:

  • CPU utilization: 50-70%

  • RAM (Memory): 6GB

  • GPU utilization: 50-70%

  • GPU VRAM: 4-6GB

Note: Clients are expected to have prepared and tested their app using the provided document. If additional hardware resources are required to run your application, contact for a custom hardware setup. Stock hardware, with standard pricing, includes an RTX 3070/4080 GPU.

Performance Specifications

Additionally, these are the guidelines Eagle recommends:

  1. 1280 x 720 resolution;

  2. 30 frames per second;

  3. No use of PAK files (see below image).

Image 1. Performance Specifications: Eagle recommends

Ready to upload?

Follow this document to upload your app on Eagle.

Some performance optimization tips for UE applications can be found here.

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