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How to handle microphone in E3DS System:( Part2-Consuming micrpohone data inside Unreal app)

Unreal Instructions :
In order to get microphone input to your pixel streaming application from the E3DS system, there are a few things that need to be done.

In your Unreal Project, Enable the following things:

  1. Enable the PixelStreaming Plugin. (Refer to this document).

PixelStreamingAudio is needed to transfer the Audio Input from the Browser side to the Pixel Streaming Application.

  1. Add the PixelStreamingAudio component to the Blueprint which is responsible for Audio Input.

PixelStreamingAudio is needed to transfer the Audio Input from the Browser side to the Pixel Streaming Application. It is by default automatically activated when the actor is added to the game.

It is a simple setup that includes writing small blueprints code in a project. In order to make the application listen to the microphone input there are some things that need to be done.

  1. Enable Pixel Streaming Plugin in the plugin.

  2. Go to player controller or character blueprint.

  3. On Begin Play node, add ‘get pixel streaming delegates’ node.

  4. From its return value, get the “bind event on new connection” node.

It can return streamer ID and Player ID

  1. Now make a new Blueprint actor and add a Pixel Streaming Audio Component to it.

  2. Grab that Audio Component and create a new “Listen To” node.

  1. Make a custom event and make the “Player to Listen to” an Input of that custom event.

  1. Now go back to the main player controller blueprint or character blueprint where you bind an event on new connection in Step 4.

  2. On New Connection, Spawn actor from class and choose new actor that you created.

  3. When spawned, call the custom event that was created.

Now package your application and upload to Eagle 3D Streaming Control Panel and test your application. On application start, the Audio Broadcasting will work.

You will hear your microphone Input as the Output of the application. This will prove that the application is working.

This is everything that needs to be done to get your pixel streaming Audio input to the application.

Now package the application and upload to E3DS system.

(Refer to this document to upload to the Old Control Panel and this document, to upload to the New Control Panel).

(Follow this document to Package your Project from Unreal Engine.)

Troubleshoot your application while testing:

  1. If you can’t hear any output from the app, please verify that you are using the correct Microphone in your system settings.

  2. Make sure your browser has the microphone access. (See this document for the permission to access the Microphone)

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