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How to Test Dedicated Server Applications

This document contains information needed to test the dedicated server applications in the E3DS Control Panel.


Before this test, you need to have a working dedicated server application and an application with its dedicated server. If you want to know how to build a dedicated server, please take a look at the link below or you can download a sample application along with its dedicated server app.

Setting Up Dedicated Servers

Sample applications:

Streaming Application:

Dedicated Server Application:

Uploading Applications to the E3DS Control Panel:

In order to upload both the streaming application and the dedicated server application to the control panel, they need to be Archived in a .zip format. The applications linked above are already archived and ready to be uploaded.


Open E3DS Control Panel and login your account. Here is the link:

E3DS Control Panel


Upload your Streaming App to the control panel. Check the document below if it’s your first time uploading an application to E3DS Control Panel.

Once you have uploaded your Streaming App, you can now upload the dedicated server App.

Host a Dedicated Server using E3DS infrastructure

These Uploading documents are detailed, you can skip that cover the archiving parts of your application as that is already done in the above samples.


Run the Dedicated Server application that you uploaded. Once it is running (You will see it in the RunningApps window)


Click on “CopyConnectionURL”


It will give you the address where you need to connect your streaming application.


Start your streaming application. Once you can move around your Character, press the “`” key on your keyboard and it will open a console. In that console you need to type the command:
open (the address you copied from the dedicated server apps tab when you clicked Copy Connection URL)
For Example, it will be something like:

open IpAddress:Port

You can paste that address somewhere as you will not be able to paste that address. You might have to type it manually.

Now you will be connected to your running Dedicated server application. Make sure to check if the Dedicated server application is still the running when trying this command.


Repeat the Step4 again with another tab and you will see two players connected and running around in the map.


While repeating the Step4, make sure to use the same Connection URL in the open command.

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