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Host a Dedicated Server using E3DS infrastructure

To use Multiplayer and have multiple characters connected and running around in your game, start by hosting a Dedicated Server App first. Then connect it to your Streaming App later.

This document describes how to Upload and run a Dedicated Server App on the Control Panel and prepare your game for Multiplayer.

Before we proceed we are expecting that you already have Built, Packaged, and tested your Dedicated Server Locally and that your client App was able to connect with that Packed Server.

We are expecting you are Uploading a Server App that is working 100% correctly on your Local environment. Only then that App will work fine with our system.

If you need help with the Packaging of the Dedicated Server you can follow these URLs:


Step 1. Create an Archive of your Dedicated Server App

1. In the Root folder (file with the .exe extension), select all files and folders

If you Upload a Project without Archiving it first then the Upload will fail.


Image 1. Project Root Folder : Select all files and folders

2. Right-click on the selected files . Select "Send to"->” Compressed (zipped) folder”

The Supported Archive Formats are: RAR, ZIP, 7z.


Image 2. Right click on the selected files. Click Send to Compressed (zipped) folder

Step 2: Upload the DS App

1. Go to ‘Dedicated Server Apps' on your Control Panel


Image 3. Dedicated Server Apps on the Control Panel

2. Click Add (plus)


Image 4. Click Add

3. Enter the name of the App

The name of the Server App should match the executable file (.exe)


Image 5. The name of the DS App should match the exe file on the root folder

4. Click Add

The Uploader page will immediately open in a new Tab.

image-20240328-054522 (1).png

Image 6. Uploader immediately opens in a new Tab

5. Click 'Choose File'

Browse your Files and open the Dedicated Server Archive.

6. Click Upload

image-20240328-054852 (1).png

Image 7. Click Upload

Step 3. Run the App

1. Select the Server App from the List

Refresh the page to see the uploaded Server App in the List.


Image 8. Select a Server App

2. Click ‘Start Server App’

This will start the Dedicated Server.


Image 9. Click Start Server App to start the Dedicated server

3. Refresh the Browser

You should Refresh the Browser to see the App in the ‘'Running Apps’' drop down.

4. The App will appear in the ‘Running Apps’ List


Image 10. The Server App is now Running

5. Play the Streaming App

  • Go to Standalone Apps in the Control Panel.

  • Go to Step 1 : Select an App and Select the Streaming App from the List of Apps.

  • Go to Step 2 : Select a Config and Select a Config from the List of Configs.

  • Go to Step 3 : Generate URLs and Click Play App.

If you don’t have any Apps in ''Standalone Apps'', refer to this document to upload a Streaming App.

6. To stop the Dedicated Server, click ‘Stop Server App’


Image 11 . Click Stop Server App to stop the Dedicated Server

Step 4. Prepare your game for Multiplayer

Now that you have your server setup, you may be using it for Multiplayer.

To use your server for multiplayer, complete the following:

We OFFER the Dedicated Server system for FREE, the paid version is only for reliability.

Interested in the Dedicated Server System and would like to purchase a paid account for an event?

1- Upload your Apps on STEP1: App Selection on your Control Panel to test them and see their performance.

2- Upload your applications on the FREE ‘'Dedicated Server’' version of your Control Panel to further test your Apps.

If everything is working the way you desire, we will then proceed to set you up with a paid account on any Cloud system.


You have uploaded a Dedicated Server App, ran it, played/uploaded your Streaming App. Now you are ready for Multiplayer.

Need help? Contact Support

If you still need help, contact support to get your issue resolved quickly.

Submit a new request at E3DS support portal or send an Email at

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