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How to upload a new ''Version'' of your App

This document is a tutorial that explains the use of the ‘'version’' feature in STEP 1: APP SELECTION in the Control Panel which is located between the drop down menu of the APP names and the Upload button.

Prepare to execute instructions

For this document, you will need access to the Control Panel. Please contact support if you don’t have access.

You will need to have an UE application to upload on the platform. For that, you will need these documents to show you:

1- How to enable PS plugin before packaging your game from UE.

2- How to upload your App on Eagle platform ( without the versioning system)

  • To complete this guide, your working environment must meet all the requirements above. If you have not completed any of the points, follow the link to the appropriate instruction and complete it first.


STEP 1. Upload your APP on the Platform

Follow this tutorial to upload your app on your Control Panel and have it show up in the drop down menu of STEP 1: APP SELECTION Upload an App on your Control Panel

1. Challenges in the previous way of uploading apps

Users have been encountering a lot of issues upon uploading different versions of their apps to their Control Panel.

Too many apps on the list would appear under each other with only a small change to their names. It doesn’t look good as it looks crowded in there and it could be confusing to the user who would have to remember which one was the latest APP version uploaded in their CP.

Image 1. Control Panel: STEP 1: APP SELECTION: Too many similar apps names in the list with only small changes

To remediate to this issue, Eagle DEV team released a new feature called ‘'version’' which allows all users to upload different versions of the same APP with the same APP name on their Control Panel without struggling.

STEP 2. Upload a ‘'Version’' of your APP in the Control Panel

Notice in the (Image 2) below, the existence of a small box between your App’s name and the blue Upload button.

That is the ''Version'' box. It contains all the versions of your APP (the same APP) uploaded to the Control Panel.

Image 2. Control Panel: STEP 1: APP SELECTION: ‘'Version’' box

To use the ‘'Version’' feature:

1- Select an APP which you want to upload another Version of

2- Click on the “Upload” button.

Image 3. Control Panel: STEP 1: APP SELECTION: Click on the Upload button

Once you click the Upload button, you would go to the ‘'Uploader page’' where you can upload your APP normally like you used to do.

When the upload is complete, go back to the Control Panel and refresh the page.

Select your app and the new version of the app would be in the small ‘'Version’' box.

Image 4. Control Panel: STEP 1: APP SELECTION: Version feature

You have now successfully uploaded the newer version of your app. Select the version you want to run and Play App.

Note: Different Configs can be used for all versions your app.

If you have more than one version of the app and you want to get the link of the latest version, you don’t need to add app version in the link, Eagle’s system will automatically add the latest version of the app to the URL.
For Example:

is the same as this URL that doesn’t have the version number:

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