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Upload an App on your Control Panel

Learn to Upload an Unreal Engine Application on Eagle 3D’s Platform.



Make sure to Test your App Locally with Epic’s Signaling Server before uploading.

Step 1. Select all the files in your Root folder

In the Root folder, where the exe file of your Application is located, select all the files and folders.

Image 1: Project’s Root Folder: Select all the files and folders

Step 2. Create an Archive of your Packaged Project’s Root folder

Note : If you upload a project without archiving it first, the upload will fail.

The Supported archive format is ZIP.

Use ZIP as your Archive format, right-click on the selected files →Send to → Compressed (zipped) folder

Image 2. Right click on the selected files: Send to : Compressed (zipped) folder

Step 3. Add the name of your App

Go to: Control Panel → Step 1: App Selection → Add → enter the name of your App → click OK

The name of your App should match exactly the name of your exe file from your Root folder.

If you input a different name, your App will fail to start (it will get stuck on the loading phase (Starting App page))

The App name should NOT contain any dot or space as it might cause streaming issues.

image-20240501-055233 (1).png

Image 3.Control Panel: Step 1: Select an App : Add

Step 4. Upload your App

1- Click Upload from Step 1 : Select an App

A new tab of the Uploader page will open in your browser.

Note : For the first version of your App, enter the name of the App before clicking the ‘Upload’ button, or else, an error warning message will appear.

image-20240501-060032 (1).png

Image 4. Control Panel: Step 1: App Selection: Click Upload

2- Click Browse → select the archived Project → Open

Image 5. Upload the Application: Open Project Archive

3- Click on ´Verify´ for a verification of the zip file

image-20231225-102341 (1).png

Image 6. Uploader : Click Verify

4- Click Upload

In the progress bar, you will see the application uploading progress

Image 7. Uploader : Project uploading

Image 8. Upload Completed

5- Your App is successfully uploaded if the progress bar displays "Upload completed"

Tip : Refresh the page to see your App in Step 1: Add an App.

Now you are ready to Upload your Project on Eagle 3D’s Platform !

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