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New Control Panel V 1.0.7 Release Note - (JAN 22, 2024)

We are pleased to announce the launch of our enhanced Eagle 3D Streaming Control Panel. 🎉 🥳

The release of V 1.0.7 of the Control Panel will be effective from 12 AM CST

Key Features

1- Enhanced User-Friendliness

We have redesigned the control panel with simplicity in mind, making it easier for you to navigate and manage your streaming applications, subscriptions, and settings.

2- Organized Homepage

Our homepage has been revamped for improved clarity, featuring intuitive icons and labels that make it easier for you to find what you need.

image-20240313-093828 (1).png

Image 1. Homepage

3- Streamlined App Management

Managing your applications is now simpler than ever. You can easily add, change, cancel, or upgrade your plans with just a few clicks.

4- Clear Subscription Status

Keep track of your Subscription status in real-time, ensuring you are always informed about your plan's status.


Image 2. Subscription Status

5- Convenient Renewal Reminders

Never miss a subscription renewal with our timely reminders, ensuring uninterrupted access to all platform features.

6- Flexible Payment Options

Choose from a variety of plans, including Pay-Per-Minute, Pay-Per-Concurrent User, and Enterprise options, all accessible through our automated payment system.

image-20240313-094552 (1).png

Image 3. Choose Your Desired Plan

7- Resource Expansion

Easily scale up your Concurrent Users (CCUs) and Storage to accommodate your growing needs.

8- Comprehensive Usage Monitoring

Monitor your Storage consumption and Streaming minutes with detailed Usage Analytics, allowing you to manage your resources effectively.

image-20240313-095144 (1).png

Image 4. Usage Overview

9- Effortless Upgrades

Upgrade your plans or storage with ease, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

10- Personalization Options

Add a personal touch to your account by customizing it with your company name and logo. Enterprise customers can even choose a custom domain for their control panel URL.

11- Simplified Link Creation

Create streaming and experimental meeting links effortlessly, with customizable configurations tailored to your specific needs.

12- Streamlined Streaming Settings

Configure essential streaming settings seamlessly with our new Streaming UI Tab, ensuring a smooth and professional streaming experience.

13- Flexible Customization

Take control of your streaming experience with advanced customization options available in the customization tab and developer option tab.

14- Easy Account Management

Manage your account details effortlessly, including changing usernames, updating email addresses, and resetting passwords.

image-20240313-095239 (1).png

Image 5. Account Details

The upgraded Eagle 3D Streaming Control Panel is designed to provide you with a more detailed, professional, and simplified Streaming experience.

Whether you are a game developer, architect, engineer, or professional in various industries like AEC, Real Estate, Metaverse etc., these enhancements are aimed at streamlining the management of your pixel streaming content.

We invite you 🫵 to explore the possibilities, upgrade your plans, and enjoy the freedom to create without limits.

We value your feedback and suggestions as we continue to strive for excellence in providing you 🫵 with the best pixel streaming experience possible!

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