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Old Control panel Update V14.0 Release Note - (May 5th 2024)

Announcement ! 🥳 ✨

We are pleased to inform you about the release of the latest update of V14.0 of the “Control panel”.

This update is a SIGNIFICANT improvement of the performance, functionality, and overall user experience of the platform.

key enhancements and improvements :

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements :

- Enhanced Performance

Improvements in performance metrics, including faster uploading time, Application load time, and overall startup time.

- Updated Configuration Functionalities

Modernized Config options.

- Improved Meeting system

A more robust and reliable meeting experience.

- Reduced Packet Loss and Latency

Addressed issues related to packet loss and latency.

- VoIP-Related Bug Fixes

Numerous bugs impacting VoIP functionality have been resolved, leading to improved stability and clarity in voice communications.

Stay tuned for more Update releases !! ✨

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