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Open a URL in the browser on the user's device from within the Unreal app

Demo link:

To Open a URL on the user's side, you have to pass the URL of the website from the unreal app to the browser side through the JSON object. our browser-side system will collect that URL from JSON object and open a new Tab in the user's browser with the given URL.

Please note that in some URL there could be special signs which won’t be compatible with this.

Before using some of the features take a look at the document below covering how to send a pixel streaming command to E3DS System:
How to send a Pixel Streaming Response


{"cmd":"launchUrl","value":"Put URL Here"}

Example Descriptor from unreal app to browser :
{"cmd":"launchUrl","value":" "}

Blueprint from example project:

Blueprint of open URL Demo From E3DS Feature template

Android Preview

Desktop Preview

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