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Send Data (Json/ string …) from UE Blueprints to E3DS ( Frontend / Backend ) system

This document shows how you can send any pixel streaming command from your project to E3DS system.

Pixel Streaming Plugin enabled.

It can be done very easily from any project. Make sure you enable the Pixel Streaming Plugin provided by Epic Games and restart your project if needed. Then go to your player controller blueprint and enable the Pixel Streaming Input component.

When you have successfully added the Pixel Streaming Input Component to your player controller, you are now ready to send pixel streaming response. All you need to do is add the node “Send Pixel Streaming Response”.

It would look like this. The target is going to be the Pixel Streaming component that you added in your player controller. The Descriptor is going to be the response that you want to send to the Pixel Streaming system. It can be any script or pixel streaming command from other E3DS Documents.

If you are having a problem in getting the reference of the pixel streaming input component, here are a few tricks.

  1. Drag and Drop the Pixel Streaming Input Component to the event graph and put it in the target. This method only works while you are in the player controller.

  1. Cast to your player controller and get Pixel Streaming Input component from there. It works in any blueprint actor.

  1. In the event graph, get player controller by right clicking. After that, get “Get Component by Class” node and select “Pixel Streaming Input Component”. Drag the Return value and add “send pixel streaming response node”. This method works in any blueprint.

Note :

This node expects a string . So whatever data you want to send that have to be able to convert into string . That’s why we send json object as a string . In engine side c++ code of the plug-in takes cares rest of the things .

That’s why we can’t send a file or image or binary object through this node . Because they are not easily convertible to string .

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