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Quality Control Menu

Enable the Quality Control Menu from the new Control Panel to diagnose the quality of the stream.


Make sure to :

  1. Have access to the Control Panel.

  2. Have an Eagle 3Dā€™s User Account.


Parameters such as Video Resolution, Framerate and Bitrate can be adjusted to suit the available network bandwidth and device capabilities, balancing between quality and performance.

Step 1. Sign In to your Control Panel

Login with your information.

Step 2. Select your App

image-20240228-132332 (1).png

Image 1. Select your App

See : Generate a Streaming Link for your App.

Step 4. Create a Config

See : Create a Config for each Streaming Link.

Step 5. Edit the Config

See : Edit your Config.

Step 6. Enable Advanced Options


Image 2. Enable Advanced Options

Step 7. Click Streaming UI

image-20240306-103820 (1).png

Image 3. Click Streaming UI

Step 8. Enable Quality Control Menu

Data useful for diagnosing the Stream quality.

image-20240307-071223 (1).png

Image 4. Enable Quality Control Menu

1. Click Save

image-20240307-071452 (1).png

Image 5. Click Save

2. Click Save (again)

image-20240307-071724 (1).png

Image 6. Click Save

Step 9. Run the game to check the feature

1. Click Play App

image-20240419-061443 (1).png

Image 7. Click Play App

2. The Quality Control Kit is displayed during runtime

Tip : Click ā€˜'+ā€™' to Collapse/Expand the Menu.

Note : Determine the network quality of your connection. Track the icon on the top left of the Menu. There are 3 colors based on network conditions :

  1. Green : Good

  2. Yellow : Spotty

  3. Red : Poor


Image 8. Quality Control Menu

3. Scroll down to WebRTC Settings

WebRTC provides web browsers and mobile Apps with real-time communication (i.e. voice calling, video chat, and peer-to-peer file sharing) directly between browsers or Apps without any plugins or additional software.


Image 9. WebRTC Settings

4. Show Stats

Statistics about latency, Framerate, Bitrate and Resolution.


Image 10. Show Stats

Now you know how to expand and tweak the Settings from the Quality Control Menu to optimize Performance !

See how to enable VOIP.

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