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Learn to capture Screenshots during runtime and download them on your device.


Make sure to :

  1. Have access to the Control Panel.

  2. Have an Eagle 3D’s User Account.


The Settings Control Bar Feature SHOULD be enabled before following these instructions.

Step 1. Sign In to your Control Panel

Login with your information.

Step 2. Select your App

image-20240228-132332 (1).png

Image 1. Select your App

See : Generate a Streaming Link for your App.

Step 4. Create a Config

See : Create a Config for each Streaming Link.

Step 5. Edit the Config

See : Edit your Config.

Step 6. Enable Advanced Options


Image 2. Enable Advanced Options

Step 7. Click Streaming UI

image-20240306-063958 (1).png

Image 3. Click Streaming UI

Step 8. Enable Screenshot

image-20240306-063817 (1).png

Image 4. Enable Screenshot

1. Click Save

This allows you to capture Screenshots from the Settings Control Bar.

image-20240306-064222 (1).png

Image 5. Click Save

2. Click Save (again)

image-20240306-064353 (1).png

Image 6. Click Save

Step 9. Run the game to check the Feature

1. Click Play App

Use the Streaming Link with the Config you just customized.

image-20240306-061658 (1).png

Image 7. Click Play App

2. Click the Gear icon ⚙️ to expand it


Image 8. Click the Gear icon

3. Click the Camera icon 📷


Image 9. Click the Camera icon

4. The Screenshot is captured immediately and downloaded on your device

If the Feature is not working, contact Support.


Image 10. Screenshot captured and downloaded on your device

Warning ❌ 🚫

Issue :

If the user takes multiple shots, he only gets “ScreenShot00001.png”. How to get the recent file name?

Fix :

In order to solve this, run a loop that will check if the file with the same name exists or not.

What this loop should do :

If ScreenShot00001.png exists, go for the next number ScreenShot00002.png.

If that already exists, search for ScreenShot00003.png.

If it still doesn't exist, then the previous number (ScreenShot00002.png) was the latest screenshot that was taken and saved. So just use that file name to download.

See how to Download a Screenshot in your App

Now you are ready to capture and download Screenshots while Streaming your App !

Capture and Download Screenshots from Blueprints/Get their File Path and Name.

See how to enable the Screenshot Feature from the Old Control Panel !! Refer to this document.

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