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Streaming Session Token Generator

Information on how to generate a Token for your Account from the Old Control Panel.

The Token will expire right after the time you set in this Token Generator page.


For this document, you need :

  1. Access to the Control Panel ;

  2. A user Account.


Step 1. Login to the Control Panel

Click here to login.

Step 2. Click Account


image-20240516-081857 (1).png

Image 1. Control Panel : Click Account

Step 3. Go to Developer Options

image-20240516-082045 (1).png

Image 2. Click on Developer Options

Step 4. Select Streaming Session Token Generator

image-20240516-082644 (1).png

Image 4. Click on Streaming Session Token Generator

 Step 5. Paste the Json Object in the appropriate field

Note : A Json Object is a structure holding an unordered set of name/value pairs. In a Json file, it is represented by everything between curly braces {}.

Refer to this Unreal Engine C++ API Reference Tutorial on JSON Object Functions

Example of a JSON Object pasted in the image below :

"username": "EpicGamer123",
"email": "",
"level": 35,
"is_premium": true,
"inventory": {
"weapons": ["sword", "bow", "staff"],
"armor": ["helmet", "chestplate", "leggings"],
"consumables": ["health potion", "mana potion"]
"achievements": {
"completed_levels": [1, 3, 5, 7, 10],
"defeated_bosses": ["Dragon", "Dark Lord", "Giant Spider"]
"last_login": "2024-05-15T18:30:00Z",
"settings": {
"sound_volume": 80,
"graphics_quality": "high",
"language": "English"

image-20240516-092053 (1).png

Image 5. Paste your JSON Object

Step 6. Set the Expiry Minutes of your Token in the appropriate field

image-20240516-092210 (1).png

Image 6. Set the expiry minutes of your Token

Step 7. Click Generate Token


Image 7. Click Generate Token

Step 8. Click Copy Token

image-20240516-092747 (1).png

Image 8. Click Copy Token

Issue ❌ 🚫

Embedding Streaming into a Webpage with no iFrame solution but always getting “a Token has been used” error.

Can you reuse it?

Refer to this document to embed the streaming into a webpage without iframe.

Answer 🔧

The moment the page sends the token to the server, it becomes invalid to use the 2nd time so you cannot use it.

Also there is a time limit on each token. the System will automatically expire unused token after the specific time period.

Find here how to automatically generate tokens under method 2 in this document. (Repo : )

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