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Useful Global Functions in No-Iframe Solution

Here is a list of useful global functions. These functions will be called from the core library if they are defined in global scope. Inside functions, required operation can be done for the functionality of the web app.

e3ds_controller.callbacks.onDataChannelOpen = function () {

e3ds_controller.callbacks.onDataChannelClose = function () {

e3ds_controller.callbacks.onConfigAcquire = function () {

e3ds_controller.callbacks.onSessionExpired = function () {
    self.location = "assets/pages/session-expired.htm";

e3ds_controller.callbacks.onResponseFromUnreal = function (descriptor) {
    console.log("UnrealResponse: " + descriptor);
    document.getElementById('LatencyStats').innerHTML = descriptor;

e3ds_controller.callbacks.onReceivingAppAcquiringProgress = function (percent) {
    console.log("onReceivingAppAcquiringProgress: " + percent);

e3ds_controller.callbacks.onReceivingAppPreparationProgress = function (percent) {
    console.log("onReceivingAppPreparationProgress: " + percent);

e3ds_controller.callbacks.onReceivingAppStartingProgress = function (percent) {
    console.log("onReceivingAppStartingProgress: " + percent);

e3ds_controller.callbacks.onHtmlBind = function () {


onConfigAcquire : called when configuration data arrives
onDataChannelOpen: called when communication channel between the browser and UE app is established
onDataChannelClose: called when communication channel between the browser and UE app is broken
onSessionExpired: called when stream session time expires
onHtmlBind: when the system finishes binding function to existing stick Ui elements

e3ds_controller.terminate(): Stops the stream by stopping the connection to the app.

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