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Determine the Load time of an App

Information about how to get the Loading time of an App.

Section 1. Understand the concepts

See this document.

Section 2. Determine the Load time of your App

1. Calculate manually

Image 1. Manual calculation of the load time

The load time of an App can be calculated manually from the time you click on the URL and the progress bar starts loading, to the completion, when the page is fully loaded and started running. 

Then, subtracting the recorded timestamps of the beginning of the loading process from the end when the App is fully loaded and is ready for interaction.

2. Use the web browser

2.1. Open Inspect element

  • Click on CTRL+shift+i or F12 on your keyboard if you are on windows to open the Inspect Element feature of your browser while streaming your app.
  • Go to Network
  • Find the time of Queued, Started, Finish, Downloaded etc.. (s)

Image 2. Inspect elements: Network: Determine the load time (s)

Section 3. Minimize the load time of a large application

Find out how to do so here.

Warning ❌ 🚫

If your App shows a ‘Video Streaming failed to start’ message, that is because it kept loading from 2 to 5 minutes.

If your App takes too long to load, you can determine the Loading time (follow the steps above) then compare it to the average Eagle 3D loading time (10 to 20 seconds).

If it exceeds that, contact support.

If your App is on queue for some time, you should check the monitoring tool from your Control Panel (see this document) to see if there are no machines available at that moment and how many instances you can open based on the number of free machines.

Customize the loading screen page. Follow this document.

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