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The Concept of Load time in Eagle 3D Streaming

Information about the types of Load time at Eagle 3D Streaming and how long it takes.

1. How long it takes an App to Load

The same App could have different Load times, due to the developer's decision on the contents richness, App structure, functionalities or the number of elements on the App.

At Eagle 3D, expect it to be roughly the same time or a bit longer than the Load time of your App when run on a desktop.

If the App is properly developed, expect a Load time in the 10-20 seconds range.

2. The Loading phases of an App

Apps uploaded for the first time take longer to load. They go through (respectively):

  1. Phase 1: ‘'Acquiring/Preparing/Starting App’'

  2. Phase 2: ''Starting App''

2.1. Acquiring/Preparing/Starting App phase

The ‘'Acquiring/Preparing/Starting App’' phase, is the process of the downloading from the Cloud to the Texas machines. Hence, the longer loading time.

(for Apps streaming for the first time or with the Force re-download Feature enabled from the Config settings.) 


Image 1. The Acquiring/Preparing/Starting App phase

2.2. The Starting App phase

It is the process of waiting to stream the App from our GPUs in the Texas Datacenter.

(this is step 2 after the App acquires to download the game from the Cloud if it was uploaded the first time)


Image 2. 'Starting App' phase

2.3. The Pre-allocated App function (3rd type of Load time)

Apps run 24/7 waiting for a user to connect.

When a user opens the stream Tab, the system connects the person to the App and it starts very fast.

Depending on the user's location, this takes less than 10 seconds.

3. Load time comparison of a first vs old stream

The difference between Acquiring/Preparing/Starting App phase and Starting App phase.

The same App could also have a different load time according to the type of browser used ( Chrome vs Internet Explorer), the device (mobile vs desktop) and the geographical location of the user.


Apps that have an issue of getting stuck on the loading phase:

  1. The Pixel streaming plugin is NOT enabled. (Refer to this document to test your App locally with Epic’s Signaling Server )

  2. Their App name is the same as another deleted App (Find this rule in this document )

  3. Their App name does not match the exe file.

  4. They have a bigger resourced App (See this document to get our Hardware/Software specs)

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