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Invite/remove members from the Team's Control Panel

Describes how to Invite or remove a Team member to allow or stop his access to your Control Panel.

As an owner of an Eagle 3D Account, you can invite other users to access your Control Panel and create a Team (They should have user Accounts) or you can remove their access.

This feature is useful for users from the same company to use the same Control Panel to upload, stream and test their Apps.


Before starting the first step, you should :

  1. Access to the Control Panel.

  2. At least one uploaded application in the Control Panel.

Section 1. Invite a Team member

Step 1. Login to the Control Panel. Click Account

Access your Control panel from here.

For quick access:

Click ‘'Invite Team Team Member’' to get to Step 3: Input Email address of the member your are inviting.

Image 1. Control Panel: Click Account

Image 2. Control Panel: Click Invite Team Member

Step 2. Click Team

Image 3. Control Panel : Account: Team

Step 3. Type an Email address of the member you are inviting

Image 4. Input an Email address of the member to invite

Step 4. Allow the access of the Team member

1. When you click Invite, a Popup Notification will be displayed. Click OK to allow access for the member you are inviting.

Image 5. Control Panel : Account: Team info : Email address entered: Invite : Popup Notification : OK button

2. If the member is not registered in Eagle 3D Streaming, you will get the Notification below. Click OK to confirm.

after the invitation, the new Team member should create an account at Eagle 3D Streaming if he does not have one.

Image 6. Email address entered: Invite: Popup Notification : member not registered

3.The mail address will be displayed in the Drop Down Menu

Image 7. Get the mail address of the invited member in the dropdown list

Section 2. Remove access of a Team member

1. Select the mail from the drop-down list of the invited Team members and click Remove Selected Member

Image 8. Control Panel: Account: Team: Remove a Team Member from the list

2. A Popup Notification will warn you that removing the member will block his access to your Team’s account

Image 9. Popup Notification warning you about the removal

3. Check the drop-down list to make sure it is removed

To know the next step after the Invite is completed, check this document.

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