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Upload issues

Information about upload issues.


If your Upload issues are not addressed in this documentation, please contact Support.

1. Symptom

Extremely slow or impossible app uploading which takes a long time.

Image 1. Example of a customer having upload issues

2. Remediation

Section 1. Bandwidth and Latency

Check the network connection. The speed should be minimum of 25 Mb/s download and 3 Mb/s upload speeds.

Also, Latency could be the issue so contact support to discuss options.

Section 2. Server Downtime

if the customer is using their own servers, they need to worry about this issue as it could be a blocker of the Streaming of an application.

Servers do encounter problems (like hardware failure, connectivity issues, user overload, etc.) and when this happens, it could prevent you from uploading your Pixel Streaming application on the platform.

Also, outdated software or firmware on the server or client-side can cause compatibility issues, leading to connectivity problems.

If you are hosting your application on your own Server or Cloud service, you need to ensure that it can handle the number of CCUs without performance degradation.

The lack of server capacity can result in slow or unavailable application access.

Section 3. Firewall Restrictions

Check this document.

Section 4. hardware specs

Check our Hardware/software specifications from here.

Need help? Contact Support

If you still need help, contact support to get your issue resolved quickly.

Submit a new request at E3DS support portal or send an Email at

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