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Use the Appending system for Authentication

Learn how to append a user’s Email address to an App URL (New Control Panel).

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In this tutorial, you will learn how the Appending system is used for Authentication by appending a user’s Email address to the App URL.


Make sure you :

  1. Have access to the New Control Panel.

  2. Have an Eagle 3D’s User Account.


Step 1. Learn how the Appending system works

Before following the steps of this tutorial, you should learn how to Append Parameters to your App URL. Refer to this document.

From the previous tutorial (i.e. the document provided above), you are supposed to :

  1. Download the Sample App “E3DSFeaturesTemplate”.

  2. Upload it to your New Control Panel.

  3. Select the App and create a New Streaming Link.

  4. Create a New Config and call it “CMDLineDemo”.

  5. Enable “Parameters to Pass to App”.

  6. Add -green in the text box of “Parameters to Pass to App”.

  7. Play the “E3DSFeaturesTemplate” game and run to the 12th Bay.

  8. Check the color of the Sphere which should be green (i.e. same color as the Command -green).

  9. Enable “Append Parameters to URL” from the Config “CMDLineDemo”.

  10. Copy “E3DSFeaturesTemplate” App’s URL to the Clipboard.

  11. Add the Command Line to the copied App URL. (Eg. ?exeLunchArgs=-blue).

  12. Paste the App URL with the added Commands to the Browser to open the game.

  13. Run to the 12th Bay and check the colors of the sphere and cone. (i.e. blue and green).

All the steps mentioned are explained will full details in the document provided above.

You have now learned how the Appending system works and are ready to move to Step 2 in this tutorial.

Step 2. Authenticate by a user’s Email address

We are going to add ? (which is the user’s Email address) to the end of the App URL (i.e. E3DSFeaturesTemplate).

Note : You should know how to do this programmatically.

The link will not work and is for demonstration purposes only.

Username is your Account username.

By appending the Email address to the URL (the '@' sign is an accepted character),

you will be able to pass the Email address into your App where you can then proceed with the Authentication.

Within the E3DSFeaturesTemplate App (source, there is a Blueprint showing how to receive a value

(in the E3DSFeaturesTemplate example we show how to use the Command Line to get an IP Address for multiplayer). (Check this document).

Special Data:

%ip_streamer% will pass the IP address of the machine where UE App is running.

%ip_ss% will pass the IP address of the Signaling Server.

%port_streamer2ss% will pass the port of the Signaling Server through which UE App communicates with the signaling Server.

Step 3. Add the Commands to Parameters to Pass to App

In the New Control Panel :

  1. Select “E3DSFeaturesTemplate” App

  2. Select “CMDLineDemo” Config on the Streaming Link.

  3. Go to :

  1. Add these Commands -bb=%ip_streamer% and -aa=%ip_ss%:%port_streamer2ss% in the appropriate text box.


Image 1. Add the Commands to the Parameters To Pass to App Config

Step 4. Get this Output

Image 2. Output

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