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Get Logs in the Browser Console during runtime

Learn to get Logs in your Browser’s Console during runtime, and save it on your device.


For this document, you need :

  1. Access to the Control Panel ;

  2. At least one uploaded application.

Choose ‘'Development’' or ‘'Debug’' as your ‘'Build Configuration’' before Packaging your app from UE to generate Logs and allow our system to capture them.

See how to Select a Build Configuration here.


Step1. Create a Development Build before Packaging the app from UE

Open UE editor > File > Package Project > Build Configuration > Development/Debug.

(Refer to this document to Package your Project from Unreal Engine)

Image 1. Unreal Engine Editor: File: Package Project: Build Configuration: Development

Step2. Enable ‘Print UE4 Log in Browser Console’ from the Control Panel

Go to: Control Panel > Edit > Developer Option > Print UE4 Log in Browser Console > Save.


Image 2. Control Panel: Edit: Developer Option : Logs: Print UE4 Log in Browser Console

Make sure your ADBLOCK is disabled or else it will block the Logs from being generated to the browser.

Step 3. Play your App and Open 'Inspect elements'

Go to : Control Panel > Step 3: Generate URLs > Play App > Inspect element (CTRL+ shift+ i or F12) or Developer tools > Console > Enable 'Preserve Log'.

Enable ‘Preserve Logs' to always get the Logs on your Console.

Image 3. Play App : Inspect element : Console : Preserve Log enabled

Step 4. See the errors on the Logs upon Crash during runtime

1. Spot the error in the Console Log

During a Crash, errors appear in the Logs on your Console like the red error message on the app during runtime : ‘'App crashed. So redirecting you in 3 sec to re-establish connection’'.

Image 4. App crash: error message on the App and in the Console Log

Step5. Save the Log on your device

Right-click on the error from the Log to save it on your device.

Image 5. Right-click on the error from the Log to save it

Important Notes:

Showing a Log to a user connected far away from the server user might create :

  1. A connection issue due to the poor connection and the huge amount of Logs coming from far away.

  2. Latency issue if user has limited internet connection.

We recommend disabling it in your config if it is not needed.

Now, you are ready to get and save your Logs from your Browser Console !

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