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Minutes Streamed Limit

Apply a Streaming cap from the new Control Panel to set a restriction on your Streaming usage.

Note : Feature available for activated Pay Per Minute Plan users ONLY.

If you are on trial, activate your Paid Account today!


Make sure you :

  1. Have access to the New Control Panel.

  2. Have an Eagle 3D’s User Account.


Step 1. Sign In to your Control Panel

Login with your information.

Step 2. Get to your Account management page

See : Manage your Account.

Step 3. Navigate to Subscriptions

See how to Manage your Subscriptions.

1. Enable 'Minutes Streamed Limit

Note : The ‘Streaming cap’ is post paid (i.e. You get charged at the end of every month).

image-20240418-055626 (1).png

Image 1. Subscriptions : Minutes Streamed Limit

2. Select the number of minutes and the cost then click ‘Update’

Click +/- to add or subtract the cost (and automatically the number of minutes).

Note 1 : The Streaming cap starts initially at 100 minutes of streaming for 10$ (We charge 0.10$/min/month).

Find more details on the PPM plan here.

Note 2 : The number of Minutes selected in this Feature, is the ‘Video Streaming time’ from ‘Analytics’. (which is the Streaming usage that we charge based on).

See this document to understand how ‘Analytics’ work.

image-20240418-081530 (1).png

Image 2. Select the number of minutes and cost then click Update

3. An alert is displayed when the Minute cap is reached

If you reach the minute cap, this Alert will be displayed on your screen (image below).


Image 3. Alert : Streaming cap reached

4. Now you have 2 options :

4.1. Remove the Capping

There are 2 ways to remove the Cap :

-Click ‘Remove Capping’ on the Alert displayed on your session once the minute cap is reached and you still need to get more streaming minutes. (see image above).

-Disable ‘Minutes Streamed Limitanytime (even before reaching the minute cap) from the ‘Subscriptions’ Management page. (see image below).

image-20240418-134423 (1).png

Image 4. Disable the Streaming cap

Click ‘yes’ to go back to paying for the number of minutes streamed per month without any limitations.

image-20240418-063407 (1).png

Image 5. Click Yes to remove the Streaming Cap

4.2. Stop Streaming

If you click this button, then you are choosing to not stream until the end of the month.

Streaming can take place again only after a successful payment of your previous usage (i.e. always at the end of the month because PPM is postpaid).

Warning 1 ❌ 🚫

If you try to update (increase or lower) the ‘Streaming cap’ selected initially, before the end of the month, the system will reject your request (check image below).

In this case, you can remove the capping to continue streaming.

image-20240418-080625 (1).png

Image 6. Failed Request to change the Streaming cap before the end of the month

Warning 2 ❌ 🚫

If you streamed (for example 400 minutes) and during the same month decided to apply the ‘Streaming Cap’.

You can ONLY set a higher cap. In this example, 500 minutes or more.

Now you are ready to apply the Streaming cap restriction !

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