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Select a Pay Per License plan from the Control Panel

Get the Pay Per License plan from your New Control Panel.

You have Latency issues? Lagging? Want to use your own Hardware for streaming? We got it !

Get an E3DS License today ! Start streaming your Apps from your own computer.

Update ! 🛑

We are withholding all purchases of the Pay Per License plan. (i.e. We cannot provide any Licenses at the moment. This is temporary and will be available again very soon !!).


⚠️ This plan can be selected ONLY from the New Control panel.

Step 1. Sign In to your Control Panel

Login with your information

Step 2. Click Renew Now

Trial expired? Activate your Account TODAY!

Select a plan from here to start Streaming, Uploading and using VOIP and a lot of other exciting Features!


Image 1. Trial Account : Click Renew Now

Step 3. Go to Pay Per License and click Select Plan

To get more details about the Pay Per License plan, refer to this document.

Note : Only 1 plan at a time could be purchased from the New Control Panel.


Image 2. Pay Per License : Click Select Plan

Step 4. Click Contact Us and fill in a request from the Support Portal

Note : The Pay Per License plan is only provided by the Support Team to give you the access from the Backend.

  1. Click Contact Us (See image below).


Image 3. Click Contact Us

  1. You will be redirected to the Support Portal, fill in your request to the Team.


Image 4. Fill in a request from the Support Portal

Step 5. Select the Number of Licenses you want to purchase and click Continue

Once you have the access, you will be able to select the number of Licenses and pay online.

Note 1 : We provide 1 CCU per License so if you want a number of CCUs, you should purchase that number of Licenses.

Note 2 : 1 License costs 50$/ CCU / month.


Image 4. Select the Number of Licenses : Click Continue

Step 6. Fill in your Payment details and click Subscribe

Add your Card Information, Cardholder name and click Subscribe.


Image 5. Enter your Payment details. Click Subscribe

A Payment Successful page will show up once your Payment is done and you will be redirected to your Homepage.


Image 6. Payment Successful

Step 7. Click Manage Account

Once in your Homepage, you should open your Account Management page to check your New PPL Subscription.


Image 7. Click Manage Account

Step 8. Click Subscriptions

Refer to this document for more details on the Subscriptions page Features.


Image 8. Click Subscriptions

Step 9. Click Download

  1. Upon clicking Download, a zip file starts downloading on your device.

  2. Refer to the document ( provided as a Manual and Guideline in the Control Panel) to install the License.

If you are having issues installing the License, Contact Support.


Image 9. Click Download

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Need help? Contact Support

Submit a new request at E3DS support portal.

Requests sent on weekends will not be addressed until the following business day.

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