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Remote Control Unreal Editor

Information on how Unreal Editor can be streamed in the Browser on our Platform like an App.


  1. Login to your Control Panel..

  2. Select your Config and click Edit.


Image 1. Step 2 : Select a Config : Edit Config

  1. Go to “Developer Option” Tab.

  2. Check the “Remote Control Unreal Editor” box.


Image 2. Enable Remote Control Unreal Editor

  1. Select any App, click “Play App”.


Image 3. Click Play App

It does not matter which app you are playing if the config has remote control enabled

  1. Instead of Playing an App, it will give you a link, copy it.


Image 4. Copy the Link

Do not close this webpage at Step 6, your stream will start on this page

  1. Go to your Unreal Engine Editor (make sure you have the Pixel Streaming Plugin enabled. Refer to this document if you don’t know how to enable the Pixel Streaming Plugin).

  2. Open the Pixel Streaming dropdown and click on “Use Remote Signaling Server”.


Image 5. Click Use Remote Signaling Server

  1. Replace this link with the one you copied previously.


Image 6. Paste the Link

  1. Select the Stream Full Editor option to start streaming your Editor from the webpage from step 6.


Image 7. Select Stream Full Editor

Stream Full Editor will start streaming complete Editor.

Stream Level Editor will only start streaming the Game that will be playing in the editor (Play in Editor Mode),

if there is no game playing in the editor, you will be streaming the Editor’s viewport only.

  1. Now you can control your Editor from our E3DS Pixel Streaming System


Image 8. Control the Editor from the E3DS Pixel Streaming System


Note: If the host shares his control of Unreal Engine, and grants access to the Guests in the meeting, they can start using the Unreal Editor of the Host.

(Refer to this document to Generate Meeting URLs from the Control Panel).

Limitations ❌ 🚫

Sometimes when you stop Streaming from the Editor, you need to start again from step 4 in this tutorial. It will generate a new link.

We are working on fixing this

Need help? Contact Support.

Submit a new request at E3DS support portal or send an Email at

Requests sent on weekends or national holidays will not be addressed until the following business day.

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