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Tips for Performance and Mobile

Learn to optimize the performance of your App on desktop and mobile.

Here are some tips to improve the performance of your UE application on Eagle.

  • Use the custom mouse with mouse cursor image set to Zero Alpha to make it invisible.

  • Set that Cursor HUD to “Software Cursors” and “Pixel Streamer Default Cursor Class Name” in Project Settings of Project.

  • By stream can be used on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

  • Optimization tips-

    • Disable Motion Blur

    • Keep Baked Lighting as much as possible and Dynamic Light Sources as minimum as possible.

    • Avoid Ray Tracing.

    • Enable “Hardware Video Decoder” in Project Settings.

  • If Main Map is huge which takes time to load, this will increase the Stream load up time for the Pixel Streaming User.

  • To avoid this StreamingLevel/LoadingScreen/LevelStreaming can be used. Or add a Video on Loading Page from Eagle Streaming Control Panel.

  • AWS G4.DN instances equipped with Tesla T4 GPU analogous to RTX 2070 desktop machine (almost).

  • 2.5 Mbps bandwidth required for 720p stream.

Performance and load time of UE App:

Your local computer running the UE app as a native windows App should have a baseline of performance and load time.

Eagle makes every effort to minimize overhead so that the pixel streaming user experience mimics that of the native windows application.

This also means that, pixel streamed App’s best performance would be that of the natively run application.

For specification of our default servers, please refer to this document.

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