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Assign an Asset to your App's Queue Page

Learn to Assign an Asset to the App’s Queue Background page.


For this document, you should :

  1. Access the Control Panel

  2. Upload an App.


Go to : Control Panel >Step 2: Select a Config > Edit > Customization

Step 1. Select an image from the List of uploaded Assets

To Upload 2D Assets follow this tutorial.

Image 1. Control Panel : Step 2: Select a Config → Edit → Customization → Select an image from the List of previously uploaded 2D Assets

Step 2. Click Assign to Queue Background

The image immediately displays under ‘'Customize Queue Screen’'.

Click Save to save the changes. Click Broadcast if your App is open to apply the changes while the App is working.

Image 2. Control Panel : Customization : Customize Queue Screen : Assign to Queue Background

Step 3. Check the Queue Screen of the App

Play the App and check the Queue Screen to see the Asset you have selected.

Go to : Control Panel > Step 3: Generate URLs > Play App

Image 3. App in Queue : Asset on the Queue Background Page of your App

Step 4. Change/Remove the Asset (Optional)

1. Remove the selected Asset from your App’s Queue page

Click ''Reset'' to remove the Asset from the Queue page. Click Save

Image 4. Remove the selected Asset from the Queue page. Click Reset

2. Select another Asset from the List

Go back to Step 1 on this tutorial and re-do the steps to Assign another Asset to your App’s Queue page.

Now you are ready to Assign a 2D Asset to the Queue Background!

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