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Close Tab on Losing Visibility

This feature was designed to reduce Streaming time to save usage.

Opening/switching to another Tab on your Browser, automatically closes the App (i.e. once the Tab of the App is not visible).


Go to : Control Panel > Step 2: Select a Config > Edit > Session.


Image 1. Control Panel : Step 2: Select a Config : Edit : Session

Step 1. Enable Close Tab On Losing Visibility

Click Save after every change you make.

Click Broadcast if your App is opened in another Tab to instantly apply the changes there.


Image 2. Session : Enable ‘'Close Tab On Losing Visibility’'

Step 2. Open a random Tab on your Browser

For example, open Youtube.

image-20240116-083913 (1)-overlay.png

Image 3. Open a random Tab : Youtube

Step 3. Run your App (on the same Browser)

Find more details on Step 3 : Generate URLs in this document.

This Feature works only if you open your App from the Control Panel (i.e. Play App Button).

(Not by Pasting the Link of the App on the Browser Bar)

image-20240116-084354 (1).png

Image 4. Run your App on the same Browser

Step 4. Switch to the Youtube Tab

Click on the Youtube Tab.

Notice how the App closes immediately.

image-20240116-084621 (1).png

Image 5. Click on the Youtube Tab

Step 5. Run your App again from the Control Panel


Image 6. Control Panel : Play App

Step 6. Open a new Tab while on your App

  1. Open a new Tab while your App is running.

  2. Notice how the App automatically closes.

image-20240116-085200 (1).png

Image 7. While your App is running, open a new Tab

image-20240116-085007 (1).png

Image 8. Notice how the App closes itself immediately

This Feature is useful for users on the Pay Per Minute plan. (i.e. to reduce Streaming time and save usage) (Select the PPM plan from here).

Same as the ‘AFK Close Timeout’ (See this document).

Same as the ‘Session Duration’ (See this document).

Same as the ‘URL expiry Date’ (See this document).

Same as ‘AFK Warn Timeout’ (See this document).

Check the Session Tab for other Features from here.

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