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Set an AFK Close Timeout for your App

Use and functionality of AFK Close Timeout (Minutes).

Set the time of the Countdown that gets displayed right after the Warning message (i.e. AFK Warn Timeout) on the session if the user is away from the Keyboard.

After the Countdown, the session gets disconnected.


For this document, you need :

  1. Access to the Control Panel ;

  2. A user Account.


Step 1. Select your App

Select your App from the drop down menu in ‘'Step 1 : Select an App’' from the Control Panel.

Refer to this document if you need to Add an App to your Control Panel.

Step 2. Select/Create your Config

Select your Config from ‘'Step 2 : Create a Config’' in the Control Panel.

Refer to this document if you need to create a new Config.

Step 3. Go to the ‘'Session’' Tab

Go to :

Control Panel > Step 2: Create a Config >Edit > Session.

Step 4. Check the box of IsAFK Enabled

If the Feature ‘IsAFK Enabled’ is not selected, then the ‘Warn Timeout’ and ‘Close Timeout’ will NOT be applied later on the user session.

Step 5. Set AFK warn Timeout (Minutes)

See : Set an AFK Warn Timeout for your App.

Step 6. Set AFK close Timeout (Minutes)

  1. Go to : ‘AFK Close Timeout (Minutes)’.

  2. Type the Time of the Countdown in the text field. (In this example, we used 1 min).

  3. Click Save.


Image 1. Set a time of AFK close Timeout (minutes)

Step 7. Test the Feature

1. Run the game

Go to Control Panel >Step 3: Generate URLs > Play App.

2. Do not use your mouse and/or keyboard

Don’t use the mouse or keyboard until the ‘AFK Warn Timeout’ warning message gets displayed.

3. Do not Click on ‘Continue Streaming’

Image 2. Do not Click on Continue Streaming

4. Wait for the Count down time to end

If you don’t use your (mouse and/or keyboard) after the warning displays and the countdown ends, the session gets terminated and you will be disconnected.

Note: The countdown is the ‘AFK close Timeout’.

Image 3. AFK Close Timeout has reached the end and you got disconnected from the session

Note: AFK is applicable even when the Tab is minimized.

This Feature is useful for users on the Pay Per Minute plan. (i.e. to reduce Streaming time and save usage) (Select the PPM plan from here).

Same as the ‘AFK Warn Timeout’ (See this document).

Same as the ‘Session Duration’ (See this document).

Same as the ‘URL expiry Date’ (See this document).

Same as ‘Close Tab on Losing Visibility’ (See this document).

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