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Should Display Control Bar

Expand and collapse the settings control bar to use it during runtime. Feature should be enabled from the Old Control Panel.

Note : Every Feature has an icon next to it in the Control Panel that redirects you to its tutorial.


For this document, you need :

  1. Access to the Control Panel ;

  2. A user Account.

  3. At least one uploaded application.


Step 1. Select your App

Select your App from the drop down menu in ‘'Step 1 : Select an App’' from the Control Panel.

Refer to this document if you need to Add an App to your Control Panel.

Step 2. Select/Create your Config

Select your Config from ‘'Step 2 : Create a Config’' in the Control Panel.

Refer to this document if you need to create a new Config.

Step 3. Go to the “UI” Tab

Go to :

Control Panel > Step 2 : Create a Config > Edit > UI

Step 4. Check the box “Should Display Control Bar”


Image 1. UI Tab : Enable “Should Display Control Bar

Note : The “Broadcast” Button allows you to apply the saved changes instantly to your App if the App is opened in another Tab.

Step 5. Play the App to check the Feature

  1. Go to : Control Panel > Step 3 : Generate URLs > Play App.

  2. Click the Gear icon to expand it (see image below)


Image 2. Expand the Settings Control Bar

  1. Click the Image icon to manipulate the resolution

Tweak the resolution from Low to Mid to High.


Image 3. Tweak the resolution from Low to Mid to High

  1. Click the speaker icon

Control the Volume from a scale of 0 to 10 (Click and Drag the cursor).


Image 4. Click on the Speaker icon

  1. Click the Full screen icon to go full screen

Tip : Enable the Dynamic feature to set a Full Screen for your App and get rid of the black borders on both sides of the screen you should.

See how to set a Dynamic Feature in this document.

Tip : Press ESC to exit Full Screen Mode.


Image 5. Click the Full Screen icon

See how to enable the “Should Display Control Bar” Feature from the new Control Panel !! Refer to this document.

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