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Upload your Project on the new Control Panel

Learn how to Upload your App on the new Control Panel.

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Enable the Pixel Streaming plugin and Package your App for Windows before following the instructions!

Test your App Locally with Epic’s Signaling Server before uploading your App on the Control Panel!

Step 1. Create an Archive of your UE App

If you upload a project without archiving it first, the upload will fail.

The Supported archive format is ZIP, RAR, 7Z.

1. Select all the files in the root folder

In the Root folder, where the exe file of your Application is located, select all the files and folders.


Image 1. Project Root Folder: Select all the files and folders

2. Right click the mouse and compress the files

To use ZIP as your Archive format, right-click on the selected files →Send toCompressed (zipped) folder.


Image 2. Right click on the selected files: Send to : Compressed (zipped) folder

3. Archive created


Image 3. zipped file in the root folder

Step 2. Select the Archive and open it on the Control Panel

1. Login to your Control Panel

2. Click Add Application

image-20240221-144941 (1).png

Image 4. New Control Panel Interface : Add Application

3. Click Browse

You can also Drag your App and Drop it here.

image-20240226-102525 (1).png

Image 5. Add Application : Click Browse

4. Select your Archived App and click Open

image-20240228-083302 (1).png

Image 6. Select the Archive : Click Open

5. Click Save

Note : The zip file (in the middle) allows to browse files again and choose another archive.

image-20240228-084443 (1).png

Image 7. Click Save. Click to browse your files again

6. Archive ready for upload

Find information about:

  1. The size of your App

  2. The Storage used and the Total Storage

See how to get more Storage here.

image-20240228-090109 (1).png

Image 8. Archive Pre-Upload : Info about the Archive and the Storage size

Step 3. Upload an App Thumbnail (Optional)

See this document.

Step 4. Upload your App

1. Enter the name of your App

The name of your App should match exactly the (.exe) file from your Root folder.

If you input a different name from your exe file, your App will fail to start (it will get stuck on the loading phase (Starting App page))

It should not contain any dot or space as it might cause streaming issues.


Image 9. Add Application : Enter the name of your App

2. Click Save

Your App must have the Pixel Streaming Plugin enabled before Packaging from Unreal Engine.

Before uploading, your App should be eligible for Pixel Streaming (i.e. tested Locally with Epic’s Signaling Server).

image-20240228-100108 (1).png

Image 10. Click Save

3. Your App starts uploading

The Upload Progress is displayed on the screen.

image-20240228-100537 (1).png

Image 11. Upload Progress

4. Your App is done uploading

Uploaded Apps are under ‘'Applications’'.

Click See All to expand the list of Apps.

image-20240228-122621 (1).png

Image 12. Applications : App uploaded

Now you are ready to Upload your Project on Eagle 3D’s Platform !

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