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Use the Demo App

Information about the Use and Functionality of the Demo App.

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The Demo App comes with the New Control Panel as a Built in Feature to allow new users to test the stream.

It is available for new created Accounts on the New Control Panel. More details in the instructions below.


Make sure you :

  1. Have access to the New Control Panel.


Step 1. Create a User Account

Follow this document to create a new User Account on the new Control Panel.

Step 2. Login to the New Control panel

Sign In from here.

Note :

New user Accounts benefit from a 7 day Trial period and 10 GB of Free Storage to Upload, Stream and Test their Apps.

Activate your Account and explore our Self Serve plans. Refer to this document to Upgrade !

Get up to 500 GB of Storage for your big Apps ! More details in this document.

Step 3. Click on the Demo App

Spot the Demo App “E3DSFeaturesTemplate” in the List of Apps under “Applications. (See image below).

image-20240621-103109 (1).png

Image 1. The Demo App : E3DSFeaturesTemplate

Warning 🛑

The Demo App is NOT available in the Old Control Panel.

Step 4. Click on the Demo App

Upon clicking on the Demo App, you will get to the Streaming Link page.

A Streaming Link is already created.

image-20240621-123106 (1).png

Image 2. Streaming Link of the Demo App

Note : Notice how some Features are grayed out :

  • You CANNOT create new Streaming Links or delete the existent Link.

  • You CANNOT create, Edit or Delete the Config name.

  • You CANNOT create or select versions of the Demo App.

  1. To Delete the Demo App, click “Delete App”.

  2. You can copy the Streaming URL on the clipboard. (Image 3).


Image 3. Copy Streaming URL

Note : The Streaming URL is anonymized. More about the Anonymize URL Feature in this document.

By copying the Streaming URL of the Demo App, you get this Link :

  1. You can copy the iframe script. (Image 4).


Image 4. Copy Streaming iFrame

Step 5. Run the game

  1. Click the “Play App” button.

image-20240621-104836 (1).png

Image 5. Click Play App

  1. The Demo App starts Loading

Note 1 : It takes in average 20 seconds to Load.

Note 2 : The Dark Theme is by Default.

Note 3 : You Cannot customize the Loading screen with 2D or 3D Assets.


Image 6. The Demo App’s Loading page

  1. Click the Play Button to start the game

Note 1 : You CANNOT Auto Play the App (i.e. run it without the Play Button).

Note 2 : You CANNOT customize the Play Button.


Image 7. Play Button

  1. The game starts

Once the game starts, you can move around with the character to test the stream and the performance.

Note : Use the Settings Control Bar (i.e. the gear icon).

Check the Resolution, Volume, Full Screen, Screenshot, information icon and the record screen Features.

Refer to this document for more details.


Image 8. E3DSFeaturesTemplate running

** On Mobile

The Demo App works also on Mobile devices.


Image 9. Mobile : New Control Panel : Demo App


Image 10. E3DSFeaturesTemplate on Mobile


Now you can use E3DSFeaturesTemplate as a Demo App to assess the Streaming experience on Eagle 3D Streaming.

The next step will be to upload your Apps on the New Control Panel. More details in this document.

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